Hurricane Katrina.

I am such a snob. I can not believe I forgot to update my journal about me evacuating. I'm sorry!

I'm alive as you all can see, but I'm going absolutely MAD in this house. We don't have internet on our computer yet. Thanks to hurricane Katrina, daughter of hurricane Camile, I have become a temporary Texan and am going to DullesHS until New Orleans is liveable again. Liveable as in up to 6 months or so. Ohh, but Katrina decided that downing our city wasn't enough so she decided to send her daughter, Ophilia, to Texas to kill us because we escaped her wrath. Thanks Katrina. Thanks a LOT.

Blehh.. I'll have a moe detailed entry as soon as I'm able to. The internet is supposidly coming on Wednesday, but I won't be surprised if it doesn't come. *le sigh*

Farewell, my darlings. I miss you all!

<33, Jade~


Last night was so nerve wrecking! o.o When my mom and I were coming home from my Grandma's house last night, we saw an animal in the middle of the street. At first we thought it was a dead cat someone had run over. [Because the people across the street have a black and orange cat they let roam the neighborhood.] We turned the car around in our driveway and shined the light on the dead thing to see what it was. It was a dead BABY RACCOON! [This isn't unusual actually.. We live near a HUGE forest.] After a moment of feeling sad for the poor creature, we see a large raccoon come from the front of our house. We think it was the mother raccoon, but we're not experts at determining things like that.. Anyway, we honked the car horn a couple of times to get it away from our house. [It was blocking the entrance to where we couldn't go in. Our front door isn't exposed to the open mind you. There is a small wall and a turn you must make to reach the front door. Besides, the side door was locked too.. And who in their right minds would face a huge raccoon??! ..I wouldn't. They attack you know.] It ran to the tree in front of our house by the mailbox and 3 BABY RACCOONS jumped down! [I must admit, they were adorable!] We have come to find that the raccoons inhabit our tree sometimes during the night. [They're nocturnal so we don't see them during the day. That is, unless you take a trip through the back fields.. Which wouldn't be a good idea unless you want to get bit by a snake. But they have bunnies back there!] I think the raccoons are gone now, but we're not taking any chances. My mom looked up some information about raccoons and found that they're afraid of COYOTES. So we're going to go buy some coyote scented powder from the store whenever we get a chance. [Because we don't want to use amonia and kill them.. It would also hurt my dog if we used it so that's deefinitely out of the question.] Hopefully we won't have to go through drastic measures to get rid of them.. I don't want to hurt them.. ;__;

I just came home from school. [It wasn't an official day of school.. Just a 2 hour thing.] Mainly we just took student ID and school pictures, got whatever information we needed for the upcoming year, etc. Nothing major. It was extremely HOT though. I got to see Brittany [Cole] and Jessica [Ragusa]! <3 I didn't get to see Kasey or anyone else though. They're going later on today.. They're probably going right now. I hope the drug testing goes well! ..Well, duh, of course it will. They're clean. I just wanted to see the new people get the chunk of their hair cut for testing. xDD lmao

Ehh, I'm going to go watch Nothing to Lose [With Martin Lawrence and Tim Robbins.] and get me something to eat.. ^__^ I'm starvinggg..


<333, JaDE [JoHNSON] ~


I can't believe the school spelled my last name wrong on my name tag! >__< JOHSON instead of JOHNSON. T__T
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ohhmaigawd, GLOOM

OHHMAIGAWD, I have 4 days, 96 hours, 5,760 minutes, and 345,600 seconds before I go back to school.
*GLOOM* ..Well, at least I have something to look forward to. I'll get to see Loan, Kasey, and Brittany again. TT^TT Along with a few of my other loved people. ..And a lot of my not so loved people. *semi-GLOOM*


Sorry I haven't been on lately. ^^; I've been sooo extremely busy these last few days my head is spinning.
..And I have 80 messages to answer so my work is never done. xDD But I thank you all for flooding my inbox. It makes me feel special and whatnot.

I have to go to the hairdresser in the morning. 7:00 am appointment.
That is waaay too early for me! I'm no good unless I sleep for half of the day. ;.; Morning starts at 1:00 p.m. for me! *sniffles* ..Ahh well, I'll manage. Only because this may be the day I finally get my highlights! *rejoices*

Goodnight, darlings.

<333, JaDE

BLAHH. >__________

*shrugs* I'm in a BAD mood right now. >_____< Unghh.

This rant is rated PG13 for its mild language. Read with CAUTION. You have been warned.

Brace yourself. ::


You know, it's funny how people come up to you, or message you, with their "OMG, I LYKE LUV U, GIRL!!"s and you both know they don't give a damn about you. =/ I love EACH and EVERY one of my friends. Even the ones who did me wrong this summer after all we've been through. My kindness can definitely be my DOWNFALL sometimes. It's sad how CERTAIN PEOPLE can do something so awful and come up to you like absolutely NOTHING happened. I'm sure that in the back of their minds they know who they are. They're most likely reading this entry right now. I don't care. ^___^ I don't care, I don't care, I DON'T CARE. It's also stupid how they think they can hide something like that from me. I mean, seriously, we go to the SAME school, I almost ALWAYS see you one day out of the week if not more, and we live a few MINUTES away from each other. And if you talk about it in a place open to the public, I'm bound to hear it or read it. IDIOTS. If I act funny on Wednesday or the 18th and someone asks me what's wrong I'm going to tell them straight to their faces.

These "CERTAIN PEOPLE" I'm talking about are 2 people [In which one refers to him/her -self as a character of Greek mythology.] who should know who they are. So all of my other friends have nothing to worry about. You guys did nothing to harm me and for that I thank you. It's the people I've known half of my life who have something to worry about. >___<


Don't worry, people, I'm fine. I just needed to get that out. There's no need to worry about my mental health or any conditions. ...YET.

*PHEW* I feel MUCH better now. ^___^ Have a great day! *skips off to eat some cereal*

I'm baaack.. Did you miss me?

I'm FINALLY back in Louisiana. Home sweet home. <33

Before I tell you guys how everything went in New York, I need SLEEP.
I am completely drained of energy. And the hotel beds just aren't the same, ya know?

As soon as I get my pictures developed, I'll post them so you all can see, mkay?
But for now, I'm about to crash. It's 3:05 a.m. and I am way overdue..~

Ciao darlings.

<33, JaDE

New York, babeh~

On Saturday, July 16, I will be on my way to New York and will be staying for eight days!!

My laptop will be with me, but I most likely won't have an internet connection so I may not be able to answer any comments. If there is a place with a computer I can use I'll try to get on, but it would be for a limited amount of time.. Sorry!

I'm going to take a looot of pictures while I'm there, so maybe I'll post some when I come back. ^.^

Farewell, my darlings!

<33 Ciao~
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I FINALLY GOT MY WACOM TABLET!! *dies of excitement*

Anyone want to donate a paint program? =/ *shrugs* Pshwaa. Eh, I'll worry about that later. ..Time to celebrate the delivery of my tablet!! Wh00t!!

*runs around happily in triangles* WHEEE!!

rockmusicfreaks collision

Because it was demanded that we advertise the community once we've joined. So, here is my advertisement and the answers to the required questions. [Sorry I sent it to you in an e-mail, Amanda. I hadn't read the e-mail yet that said to post it here (I read it AFTER I sent the e-mail. Figures. =P).]

1. What's your name- Jade aka Stoopid_Barbie.
2. Why do you want to join?- Because I like rock music and it's only natural that I join a community for liking the rock genre.
3. Will you abide by the rules set?- They're pretty reasonable so yes, I will.
4. Give me your livejournal name so I can read it- Stoopid_Barbie
5. You have to advertise this community in one of your updates when you are accepted (this is a command, and is why I need your screen name)
6. Name a few bands that you like/love/and are obsessed with. (note: if they are not a rock band or if they are not 'rockish' you cannot join)- Because you didn't clarify what language of rock music it must be, here are a few of the Japanese and English rock bands / rock singers I like.:

J-rock [Japanese Rock]: Gackt <333, Malice Mizer <333, Transtic Nerve, Hyde, Hide, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Miyavi <333, Dir en Grey, Scissors, etc.

A-rock [American Rock]: Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Zeromancer, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance <333, Hoobastank, etc.
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|| *shrugs* ||

I have, like, absolutely nothing interesting to talk about today. =/
Like whoa.. I'm so DULL and BORiNG. ADMiT iT! .__.

Oh dear. It's a MiRACLE. No rant for today! H00ZAH! Now that I look back on previous entries, I can see I rant about things quite a lot.. I'm pretty whiney aren't I?
..Oh well. It's good to rant every once in a while. And at least I know ONE person who likes my rants. [[A.K.A. the wonderful Chelsea! =] *waves to Chelsea*]]

Well I'm off for a well deserved bath and some strawberries. Time to soak and relax without any worries.. No worries for a wh00ping hour. Yes, I'm going to be all pruned and wrinkley. XD
..Don't think to hard on that!! ..You bunch'a perverts! *grumbles* =P

Ciao.~ <3
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